Custom Zinc Specifications:

Our array of products listed in our catalogue generally satisfy the needs of all most all of our customers. However, our highly attentive technical staff will gladly work with you to provide you with customized zinc dust specifications that fit your particular and unique needs.

Customized Packaging:

Often times we have found that customers use a certain packaging configuration, simply because that’s the way they have always done it!

Your company’s needs, quantities, batch sizes and other things change over time. Our staff will gladly work with you to provide custom packaging that will make your production run more smoothly and more precisely.

Have a certain batch size unique to your process? There is no need to rely on in-house measuring of product. We can provide custom packaging weights out to two decimals so that your production staff can be assured you’re getting the correct amount of zinc dust for your application every time.

Customized Zinc Purchasing:

Purity Zinc Metals can assist you in your zinc dust purchasing strategies. Looking to lock in a price for the future? Wanting to hedge some, part or all of your zinc dust needs for the next month, year etc? We will gladly help you with zinc futures, hedging etc.