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  1. Pressure Die Casting Alloys

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    The first zinc base pressure die cast alloys, now commonly known as alloys Zamak 2, 3, 5 & 7, were introduced in the late 1920’s, creating a means to produce quality-cast decorative, functional, or structural parts in high volume and low cost.

    These zinc alloys possess a unique combination of properties that permit rapid and economic casting of accurate components. They have many advantages over other types of pressure die casting alloys, a fact that has made them commercially popular since their inception.

    These advantages include; lower casting temperatures which translates into faster casting speeds, lower energy requirements, and longer die life. Also because these alloys are compatible with the hot chamber die casting machine, production rates are typically higher than for aluminum alloys, which must be cast in cold chamber machines.

    The attraction of zinc casting alloys is also due, in part to their superior as cast surface qualities, allowing for easier plating and finishing, and in addition the good castability of zinc alloys allows the production of economic thin-wall zinc die castings.