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Pressure Die Casting Alloys

The first zinc base pressure die cast alloys, now commonly known as alloys Zamak 2, 3, 5 & 7, were introduced in the late 1920’s, creating a means to produce quality-cast decorative, functional, or structural parts in high volume and low cost. These zinc alloys possess a unique combination of properties that permit rapid and […]

Less means more

Traditional Zinc Rich Coatings The traditional zinc rich coatings using zinc dust will typically contain about 70-80% by weight of zinc in the dry film.  While this does provide great cathodic protection, it can also cause things like pores, mud-cracking and pin-holes. This is all a bit flaky don’t you think? Research shows that you […]

Get to Know Purity Zinc Metals

As the industry leader in providing worldwide customers with the highest quality zinc dust, zinc alloys, and zinc anodes, we at Purity Zinc Metals stand behind a company-wide motto: Nothing Is Impossible. Perhaps our pride in pursuing perfection comes from 40 years of family-owned history.  Perhaps it’s from knowing that our customers—Global Fortune 500 companies […]