As the industry leader in providing worldwide customers with the highest quality zinc dust, zinc alloys, and zinc anodes, we at Purity Zinc Metals stand behind a company-wide motto: Nothing Is Impossible. Perhaps our pride in pursuing perfection comes from 40 years of family-owned history.  Perhaps it’s from knowing that our customers—Global Fortune 500 companies and leaders in their own varied industries—rely on us and have served as the backbone of our success.  Or perhaps it’s because our employees, the best in the business, are part of a mutually-respectful team dedicated to our mission.

With a history and heritage we value, we have made a name for ourselves through a simple but invaluable dedication to honesty, and the highest moral and ethical standards.  These standards include being environmentally responsible and respectful, financially sound, and creating an environment where our employees realize how valued they are.  Each of our team members knows he or she will always come to work in a safe and healthy workplace, where morale is high, career and skills advancement is assured, and their hard work is always recognized.

The same level of promises is delivered to our loyal customers. To them we assure consistently excellent products, ever-exceeded expectations, and superior innovation.  We realize our clients’ requirements of our products are safety, performance, quality control, enhanced marketing opportunities, and cost effectiveness, and of that, they are always assured.

When you are a family-run business with dedicated employees and customers who require the best, and have a motto of “Nothing is Impossible”, the best is what they will get.  That’s how it’s been for 40 years, and counting.

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